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cerise <3

cerise graphics
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Welcome to my graphics community cerise_graphics!
Here you’ll find a wide variety of icons, blends, headers, friends
only signs, etc. Anything ranging from fashion, movies to silly quotes, whatever.
So what you waiting for?
Make sure to read the rules first, then click here to join.


1 ♥ No direct linking! Upload all graphics onto your own server.
(www.photobucket.com is great)
2 ♥ ALWAYS CREDIT! A simple 'cerise_graphics' or 'dr3amer'
(my personal journal) in key words for icons, and in your user info for graphics, headers and friends only sgins will due.
3 ♥ Do not claim as your own work
4 ♥ Do not modify icons or graphics unless I say it's alright.
5 ♥ Always comment when taking an icon or graphic, I do love
the comments ;)
6 ♥ ENJOY! ♥

Like what you see?
Link back and spread the word! ♥
Simply copy and paste the code for whichever picture you want!

Would you like to become an affiliate?
If so, leave a comment in my personal journal dr3amer



[brushes used on layout @ jeweledicecream]