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Lindsay Lohan

Two Lindsay Lohan headers.

These were meant for my own persoanl layout but since I decided not to use them I thought I'd share.
Comment and CREDIT is a MUST! You MUST credit in your info page for ALL banners or headers used.

I've already had problems with credit and I only just opened this community! For those who did credit I thank you all very much <333

Now, on with the headers...

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Omg I love them.Taking 2nd one.Will deff. credit.Thanks.
Thank you! <3
Just letting you know, someone pointed out to me that I had the wrong words on the second one but I've fixed it now. =)
Ok I resaved it thanks for pointing that out..cus i didnt even notice that when I read it.
very cute, but the lyrics in the second one are,'ll STAY dreaming of a different ending. not say
omg, thank you so much for letting me know! I had posted the wrong's fixed now though =)
Those are amazing!! = I might use them. Great work, and thanks for posting ;-)
* =)
np :D Thank you, I'm very glad you liked them ♥
Taking the 1st on thanks!
Took them both
will cred when used