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First few posts will be public but this journal will very soon be members only (hence that first entry down there) so feel free to join of course! ;)

Any who, on with the icons…

Here’s a batch of some old icons and new blends.
Not too much but I'm working on more.
Enjoy! ♥

are a must!


Blends and Banners

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all of them are amazing.
took the first banner &
the misery icon. will credit

awesome job again! <3
awww, thank you! ♥

I'm very glad you like them =)
i love the last one if i use it ill credit :)
I love the 6th icon! Will credit if I use!
wOw! I loev them so much! Esp Shining ones:D
Great job!
takin 1st blend! =D
hey i love em all but im taking the last friends only banner...thanks! will credit!
wow EXCELENT job!! hehe i took the sweet dreams one! keep up with the good work.
took second FO banner. thnx! <3

taking 'sweet dreams' will credit.
Now... IF I join... what does this community offer me? *pets cat in big rolly chair like a James Bond villan*
*laughs* *cough* I mean--in all seriousness *hahaha* *cough*

... ... pretty graphics?

*flutters eyelashes*

...nice cat ;)
I am afraid that that in unacceptable! You FAILED Mr. Bo- I mean, Mrs. Felton. And now

*Turns around in wheelie chair, gets jammed for a moment, then reaches really far to a biiiig red button*

It is time for you to DIE!

*Presses biiiiig red button. Suddenly out of nowhere, Barbara is strapped to a metal table, and laser is about to cut her in half*

MUAHAHAHAHAAAA now that you are about to die, I will reveal to you my master plan, because I know that you are die, so there is no possible way you can stop me, because you are about to die!

( about Miss. Obvious)

I plan to use a huge missile, LAUNCHING FROM Canada, which is aimed for the US, Russia, England, Siberia, Greece, Holland, Turkey, Estonia, Ireland, Iceland, Alaska, France, Germany, China, Afghanistan, Albania, Egypt, Israel… and a bit of Argentina. THEREFORE Starting a chain of wars. During that time, I will be in my INDESTRUCTIBLE bomb shelter, waiting for the world to DESTROY ITSELF, and then title myself QUEEN OF EARTH!… Any questions?

*Barbara shakes head*

EXCELLENT… it is all going as plan… Now Mrs. Felton I will leave you alone, as all villains do, WITHOUT any guard, because I know that you are about to die, and go to my master plan! Muahahahahah… HAVE FUN DIEING, Mrs. FELTON!

*As L, the SUPER villain leaves the room, she doesn’t bother to lock the door, because she knows that Agent Double D-cup is going to die. However like all villains, she forgets the minor fact that Agent Double D-cup is the HERO! And therefore ALWAYS escapes, stops the villains master plan because L told it to her before she left (stUPid), stops the missiles by finding a clever and impossible way of disarming them, wile beating up all L’s strong looking, yet incrEDibly weak body guards, and manages to squeeze in a little shag with Agent DM, her partner. She does it ALL, and even makes it back to headquarters in time to watch Family Guy*



wow. these are all really great .
youdo amazing work .
i took the reflections icon & will credit ;]
thanks darlin`
Gorgeous! Really nice job
Took the 1st and last banners
Thanks <3
taking the kiss me icon & kiss & tell FO banner. thanks!